More evidence that David Lynch’s new series is a ‘Twin Peaks’ continuation?

Is David Lynch’s new series “Wisteria” – or as it’s also known as “Unrecorded Night” – connected to “Twin Peaks”?

Seems unlikely, considering it’s at Netflix and “Twin Peaks : The Return” was set up at Showtime, not to mention co-creator Mark Frost has already publicaly denounced his involvement in the new offering.

Still, those rumors about a ‘Janey-E’ or ‘Carrie Page’ spin-off do persist.

A new Twitter post saw the “it’s coming back!” flame rise higher today. Here it is!

As the poster states in the replies section of that post, Lynch and Frost’s “On the Air” was also produced by “Twin Peaks Productions”… and it had nothing to do with log ladies and cherry pie.

So, where does this leave us? Wondering… and wishing!

Watch the box. Cooper may appear in it.

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