David Gordon Green directing Exorcist sequel

Universal Pictures

We’ve known for a spell that Morgan Creek planned to dust off Pazuzu for another go-round in the near future. Observer has fat details on that new “Exorcist” film today, confirming “Halloween” alum David Gordon Green is directing a direct sequel (cos they’re trendy right now, ya see?) to the original William Friedkin classic.

Blumhouse Productions and Morgan Creek will produce the film, which follows a so-so bunch of”Exorcist” follow-ups – including the rather decent “Exorcist III” (1990) and the rather dismal “Dominion : Prequel to The Exorcist”.

I’ve just learnt this isn’t canon…

The bigwigs aren’t talking so no word on story specs but it might be nice to visit Reagan again – who we haven’t seen since “Exorcist II : The Heck.. what was that!?”.

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