‘Dracula’ reboot coming from Karyn Kusama

Had a feeling this was coming.

A couple of weeks back, at a press screening for “The Invisible Man”, helmer Leigh Whannell mentioned that he’d love to see a contemporary take on the classic ‘Dracula’ yarn – and I got the feeling he might’ve been holding back on spilling some tea (as my kid says..). While Whannell himself isn’t involved in the newly-announced take on Bram Stoker’s classic, it will fall under the Blumhouse roof – the abode that housed Whannell’s reboot of the classic Universal Monster Movie, so he likely had an inkling it was on the way.

Karyn Kusama, a force to be reckoned with and then some (see “Jennifer’s Body” and “Destroyer”), will tackle the story of the charismatic count with Blumhouse producing and Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay writing the script.

With Whannell’s “Invisible Man” atop of the box office, and its $98.3 million haul so far, no surprise to see Universal is speedily bringing it’s other stable of spooks to the theater.
Earlier this week, word hit that James Wan was working on some-sort of ‘Frankenstein’ reboot with the studio.

Now, Kusama’s “Dracula” isn’t with Universal… yet… but considering Blumhouse has a first-look deal with the studio, and the moolah the latter has made on “Invisible Man”, expect a deal to be sewn up by month’s end there.

Manfredi and Hay, who collaborated with the filmmaker on “Destroyer” and ”The Invitation,” are writing the script.

As opposed to the first attempt at reviving the Universal Monster movie, 2017’s poorly-received “The Mummy” starring Tom Cruise, the new tactic seems to be putting story before star.

“It’s a ‘best idea wins’ approach,” says one producer, “and they are having the filmmakers find the individual stories.”

In addition to the “Dracula” flick, an “Invisible Man” sequel is said to be a certainty.

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