Leigh Whannell offers ‘Upgrade’ sequel update

A few months back, Jason Blum mentioned the possibility of an “Upgrade” sequel – suggesting he and director Leigh Whannell were busy working on something.

According to Whannell, speaking at tonight’s first screening of “The Invisible Man” in Australia, there’s no current plans for a sequel to his well-received 2017 sci-fi thriller.

The Australian filmmaker says he doesn’t have “any plans at the moment for a sequel” adding that he’s been “so busy making (The Invisible Man)” that it’s not something he’s had time to consider.

He suggests that if there were a sequel, and he were able to get a bigger budget, he could really “take advantage of the fight scene choreography that we did – and do the ‘fight scene on crack’ version.”
Written by Whannell, “Upgrade” tells of Grey, a technophobe, that suffers paralysis and loses his wife during an attack. But when a billionaire hands him a chip in his body that restores his mobility, he sets out to get vengeance.

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