‘Invisible Man’ director wants to see a modern-take on Dracula

Universal & Blumhouse’s “The Invisible Man” is as big a hit as the buzz suggests it will be, expect one or either to call writer/director Leigh Whannell with offers to resurrect some of the other classic movie monsters.

Speaking at the first Australian screening of “The Invisible Man”, Whannell saga while he’s a fan of the classics, he doesn’t have any interest in doing a remake of any of the other fiends from Uni’s library.

“I haven’t really thought about approaching any of the other monsters”, says the filmmaker. “But I think I would like to see people kinda modernise it, rather than pay tribute to an old version of Dracula. I’d love to see a completely contemporary version.”

Yes. Great idea – and not just because “Dracula Untold” didn’t work but because we really haven’t seen what ‘today’s take’ on Vlad would be.

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